In 2019, PAPERJAM was asked by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Storioni Festival to take care of the program, coordination, organization, promotion and visibility of the very first edition of their outdoor program called Music in the Streets

In 2020 we started working on a completely new identity with designer Johan Moorman (Spielerei). We decided to create a new website and logo and build a colorful and modern campaign based on a 3D animation by OddOne. While we were working on the 2020 edition of Storioni Festival, the event was cancelled due to the covid-19 crisis. We made some new plans to turn the event into an online festival called Storioni Thuis (Storioni at home). With videos, Spotify and YouTube tips, Q&A sessions and livestreams we created an environment to enjoy the festival safely from home. 

Photos by Nick Bookelaar & Dick Rennings
Press“Het digitale Storioni Festival Thuis vormde een krachtig antwoord op de dreigende kunstverschraling in Brabant.” - NRC

2019 & 2020



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