So What’s Next?

Together with Muziekgebouw Eindhoven we organised the seventh neon-lit edition of the renowned jazz and beyond So What’s Next? festival. PAPERJAM was asked to take care of the entire promotion and visibility of the outdoor part of the festival.

The process started in the summer of 2019 when the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven asked us to make detailed plans for the seventh edition of the festival. This led to writing a grant application for the BIZ Eindhoven. The plan included the important component of a So What’s Next? community, to involve the entire city in the festival. Although the festival previously had performances in various places in the city center, we wanted to expand this further and make it completely free of charge. Another important part was ensuring that everyone in the city center would know the festival was taking place. That’s why we chose to build unique light objects to make sure people would recognize the locations of the shows.

So What’s Next? in 2019

After a few months we received the good news that the application had been fully granted and we could start with our plans. It led to a very successful edition of the So What’s Next? festival with acts from all over the world, playing all over Eindhoven. We welcomed over 80 acts; 18 acts on Friday, 31 acts on Saturday and a total of 36 acts on Sunday. By receiving the grant we were able to ensure that no fewer than 50 of these acts could be visited free of charge.

Livestreams in 2020

In 2020 we had to turn the festival into an online livestream festival, due to the covid-19 measurements. The livestreams are still available at the So What’s Next? website.

So What’s Next? in 2021

In 2021 we had the honour to be in charge of marketing, promotion, PR, visibility and decoration of the festival. With acts like José James, Gaidaa, Nana Adjoa, Steam Down, Butcher Brown, Kassa Overall, Neue Grafik Ensemble, The NYChillharmonic, Nduduzo Makhathini, Chris Fishman, Genevieve Artadi, Samara Joy, Pasquale Grasso, Lucas Santana Quintet, Naia Izumi, ESINAM, Emilio Modeste Quartet, Elé Howell, Maurice Kirya, Berenice Van Leer, Lorijn von Piekartz, Ildo Nandja Trio, Redbourg Group, Simon Moullier, Tizaan Alphonso, Francesca Remigi - Archipélagos, Javier Subatin, Juanfer Marrero Goup, KASSIUS, AVA Trio, Das Sound Kollektiv, Wojtek Justyna TreeOh!, Alexander, Half Easy Trio and many more! The festival completely sold out and was a big success.

Many thanks to the shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels in Eindhoven that have participated over the years.

Video by Bikkel Amsterdam
Photos by Max Kneefel, Mark Richter and Johan Moeskops

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