PAPERJAM was asked to coordinate the inner city part of the GEO—DESIGN: Junk exhibition by Design Academy Eindhoven and Van Abbemuseum during Dutch Design Week 2019. GEO—DESIGN: Junk is a ground breaking design-research exhibition on waste. From satellite graveyards to dead stock via the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. All That Is Solid Melts into Trash explores global systems of discarded things. This exhibition, produced in collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum, showcases eighteen thought-provoking projects by Design Academy Eindhoven alumni.

Nine projects were on show in the Van Abbemuseum (until 17 November 2019) and, with the support of BIZ Eindhoven, nine projects were on show during Dutch Design Week at various locations in the city centre – Rambam, HEMA, ING Bank, De Bijenkorf, Sissy-Boy, Hutspot, Vielgut, Deense Kroon and TigerLily.

Launched in 2018 by Design Academy Eindhoven, GEO—DESIGN explores the social, economic, territorial, and geopolitical forces shaping design today. It generates original research into complex contemporary systems in the form of design explorations and investigations by creative practitioners from the DAE community.

Participating researchers

Alexandre Humbert, Alice Guidi, Alissa+Nienke, Atelier to the Bone and Kirstie van Noort, Dorota Gazy & Shay Raviv, in collaboration with STBY, Studio José de la O and Quicksand, Tellurico, Fred Erik, Giacomo Nanni and Julian Peschel, Studiolow (Héloïse Charital and Ismaël Rifaï), Ines Glowania, Johanna Seelemann, Lara Chapman, Lotte de Haan, Minji Choi, Noud Sleumer, Schimmel & Schweikle, Shahar Livne, Studio Plastique and The Anderen (Karin Fischnaller and Mar Ginot). Curated by Martina Muzi and concept by Creative Director of the Design Academy Eindhoven Joseph Grima. 
Visit the GEO—DESIGN website fore more information and a comprehensive description of all exhibited projects.

Design Academy Eindhoven

Creative production

Van Abbemuseum
ING Bank
De Bijenkorf
Deense Kroon


Dutch Design Week exhibition explores "complex networks" of junk. - Dezeen

GEO—DESIGN: Junk. All That Is Solid Melts into Trash - De Architect

Design Academy Eindhoven graduates focus on junk networks as the design ultimate and most urgent global resource.” - ArchiPanic 

10 tips voor Dutch Design Week 2019. - VPRO

”De best bezochte tentoonstelling in het Van Abbemuseum gedurende 2019 was ‘Geo-design: Junk’, mede samengesteld door Design Academy Eindhoven en te zien tijdens de Dutch Design Week.” - Eindhovens Dagblad

In een boeiende vertelling, verzorgd door achttien alumni van de Design Academy, worden diverse junk-geschiedenissen opgediept: het gebruik en vooral ook het hergebruik, de mogelijkheden en onmogelijkheden. - Metropolis M

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Design Academy
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